About Us

Big Wings Bhutan Tours guarantees to make your Bhutan trip unforgettable and transform your excursion into a once in a lifetime experience. Our mission is simple providing you with premium quality travel services which will make you come back to Bhutan year after year, time after time.

The Big Wings Bhutan Tours team

Ugyen, the founder Big Wings Bhutan Tours-a leading Bhutan tour operator, has been an avid traveler based out of Bhutan and India. He has flown, sailed, walked and hiked around the world. In his journeys, he experienced smiles, happiness, laughter and all other forms of emotions while pursuing his quest for “the quintessential experience.” But more about that in one of his blog posts. Let us tell you what our Big Wings Bhutan Tours can do for you and how we can serve you in the true spirit of quality and customer service.

The Frontiers of Travel

With Bhutan travel opening to the world, Ugyen decided to travel vicariously and experience only the finest through travel. The fact that he has visited every corner of Bhutan has helped Big Wings Bhutan Tours immensely as well.Quality accommodations with great mouth-watering cuisine, trained tour guides when requested and compromised quality transportation that is reliable and fully equipped with all creature comforts are just the beginning. Over the years, we have been able to form a strong team of highly qualified and experienced travel industry professionals who are all adept at handling tourists from different parts of the world. Our travel professionals are trained in various cultures so as to understand our customer’s needs. This knowledge helps us to make our guests feel at home when they arrive here to experience Bhutan.